We are living in unprecedented times. Now is the time to think strategically and be proactive in how your business will weather this temporary change in our society. The launchpad staff has been monitoring local and national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And we are committed to supporting the LP2X Network of Founders, Members and CEOs by sharing pertinent guidance and information that will help you navigate your company through this global crisis. We hope the following information will help you, as a leader, make well-informed decisions to ensure the health of your business during these unique times.


Strategic Opportunities & Business Continuity A national state of emergency is a big deal; but now is a good time to explore opportunities for your company to make small pivots. [Can you add alternative service offerings or products that meet an emergent/interim need?] It’s also a good time to explore your company’s emergency response business continuity plan. [Do you need a line of credit to meet interim cash flow needs such as payroll or Key-man insurance for potential staff losses, etc.]. Now is not the time to panic, but to think strategically.


SBA Disaster Assistance If a pivot is just out of reach, you may be able to get a bit of assistance. The President has allocated emergency funding for the Small Business Administration to extend financial assistance (low interest loans) to businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Please find the SBA Guidance for Businesses and Employers here. Apply for SBA Disaster Assistance here


Local & National Guidance on COVID-19 As you consider what your business needs right now, please be sure to refer to all local and national guidance before making any major decisions. You may find the CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers here. For companies located in Atlanta please find local guidance here and state guidance here. Some organizations may be eligible for FEMA Disaster Relief, you may find information on FEMA COVID-19 Emergency Declaration here


LP2X Workshops & Programming Continuation In accordance with local and national guidance on social distancing, we are exploring platforms that will allow us to conduct our Mastersclass and 2XCEO Series Workshops virtually. Registration remains open for all LP2X Events. For those who have already registered for upcoming events, login instructions to attend virtually will be sent out under separate correspondence.

Members may continue to schedule business consultation calls with Bernie or myself. Core Program screenings will resume the third week of March and applications are still being acceptedon a rolling basis. If you have any questions about our programming and events, please contact us at: hello@launchpad2X.com.

The LP2X Staff is monitoring the local, state and national scene for any resources that may benefit the LP2X Network. We remain vested in your continued success.

Stay healthy, wash your hands, and always play to win,


Alicia Scott is the Executive Director of Launchpad2X.