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Atlanta Innovation features new partnership announcement from Launchpad2X and Zane Venture Fund:

Two Atlanta-based organizations known for assisting underrepresented founders have joined forces to raise the stakes for women founders.​

Launchpad2X, a founder-to-CEO accelerator program for women entrepreneurs, announced a partnership with Zane Venture Fund, a $10M fund created to support founders with diverse teams. According to LaunchPad2X President Christy Brown, who joined the organization in May, the partnership is designed to provide capital for LP2X companies and bring candidates to Zane for funding.​

“We simply find value in what they’re programming,” Brown said. “They have a culture of creating platforms that teach founders. We see them as a pipeline for LaunchPad.” ​

The relationship happened organically, thanks to a professional relationship between Atlanta angel investor and Zane Ventures partner Sig Mosley and LaunchPad2X founder Bernie Dixon. The partnership will support early-stage founders looking for outside capital to grow their businesses, according to a news release.​

The step is part of a bigger mission to strategically grow LP2X’s resources and expand the program into other cities to propel female-led companies forward, Brown said.

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CEO of KRG Oil, Marie Hunter adjusts manufacturing to produce sanitizer.

This is a fake title. Need to locate new information. 

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LP2X Company, Twice As Nice Uniforms, does their part during the COVID-19 Crisis:

“I am Debora Carrier Founder and CEO of Twice As Nice Uniforms. We are a small, family-owned business operating at a minimal profit margin, but we want to do our part. Here’s how we plan to help.

First, we are temporarily stopping the production of scrubs and lab coats and producing only masks and protective gowns. The masks will be made with various materials depending upon availability.

Two, we are donating a portion of our masks to individuals and for small community needs. Continue reading to hear more about these donations.

Three, for larger, institutional needs, we are taking orders for masks and gowns and will sell them at discount wholesale pricing. Our pricing is set at a level that will enable us to keep our factory running, as well as keep our workers paid fairly and most importantly, provide working conditions that are as safe as we can make them.

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Making Virtual and Augmented Reality into everyday lives.

Need to ask Annie Eaton for tech update to feature here.

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