Meet Shaun Chavis, a 2016 Core Program Graduate and female entrepreneur. Shaun is onto her newest endeavor and has navigated her growth amidst the health crisis and worldwide pandemic. Let’s dive into her story:

“I just launched a new business, LVNGbook, in late June. We offer customizable cookbooks for chronic conditions. Instead of getting a long list from your doctor about what to eat or avoid, you can use LVNGbook’s responsive app to create a profile, get a list of recipe suggestions that meet your needs and preferences, and choose recipes you like to create a one-of-a-kind personalized cookbook.”

We applaud Shaun for her confident, brave leadership skills that have created such an amazing, interactive, customizable product that helps people live their best lives and remain healthy and safe.


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Chavis continues to explain how COVID-19 has affected the business by adding, “Our launch was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, which created some hardships for our developers.  But what we offer is in demand because of it. LVNGbook can help alleviate the burden on the health care system by helping people stay healthy and out of ERs and hospitals. It’s also more important now for people with chronic diseases to maintain social isolation as much as possible.” 

Her product amplifies an ease to living healthy and goes a step further with their ability to directly support new norms. Shaun explains, “To help people stay home, our books are shoppable: You can scan the QR code next to any recipe in your book to get an ingredient list that you can send to AmazonFresh, Instacart, WalMart Grocery, or a geolocated store near you for grocery delivery or curbside pickup. Our books are the first shoppable print cookbooks on the market.”


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LVNGbook sells their products B2C online at, and they are also offering B2B solutions for health coaching companies, corporate wellness programs, telehealth programs, concierge medicine and private physicians’ groups.

LVNGbook is in Google for Startups Atlanta Founders’ Academy and the Goodie Nation / Intentionally Good Project @WeWork Labs. Shaun will be pitching LVNGbook at the AARP Innovation Labs + AGENCY Pitchfest for Vitality on July 16.

Play to Win, Shaun and keep up the great work!