Coming out of the other side of the pandemic, you may have noticed many businesses are rebranding, refreshing, or realigning their brand. If you haven’t thought about doing one of those three, then you’re missing out on an integral way to grow. 

As business owners, founders, and CEOs, we all have business plans, projections, preferred goals, but nothing in life is stagnant… nor predictable. I’m not saying slap some new logo out there and call it a day. It’s like brushing our teeth: you may have some nice pearly whites, but if you don’t give them the care they need, you’ll notice the damage over time.

Before you think ‘that’s not my job’ – it is. It is your company and you are in control.

I’ve always wanted to run my own film production company, it’s been a trajectory I’ve been aiming towards for quite some time. So when the opportunity arose to get this dream up and running – I dove in with 100% confidence and full determination. Was it tough to start? Of course. The main issue we were facing: we weren’t new to the craft of creating, but we were new as a business, so defining our years of expertise from the rest of the novice business crowd was proving to be tricky. 

So after many months of ‘waiting for the right moment’ to delve into our branding, it never came. Instead, I chose to make the right moment happen and created the time and the funds to invest in ourselves.

After diving in, we found the main problem was pretty simple and pretty major: the core of the brand wasn’t reflecting who we truly were. You could not see the beliefs that drive our company’s purpose and that was stopping us from getting the clients we needed to move forward. So we rebranded from top to bottom to match, and the rest followed.

Formerly known as M-O, Momakes, Mommymadememashmym&ms (whatever you remembered us by), we are now Owt Films, a full-service production company specializing in branded entertainment for companies and original content for networks. What does ‘owt’ mean? It’s a small word that packs a big punch, just like us. Simply put, owt means ‘anything’ because we invite you (our partners and audiences) to dream big, to think outside the box, to reach for the stars. Because at Owt Films, we believe anything is possible. 

Now that we rebranded, we are realigning ourselves with companies, networks, and brands who have that same passion to shoot for the moon like we do. It’s given us roots, our team purpose, and a product that aligns with our souls. 

Yes, transformation takes time, but what are you losing out on if you do not make this a priority now? How many opportunities are being missed because you think ‘I’m not ready right now, I’ll get to it later.’ Step back and truly look at your company. Is your business keeping up with the times, is it shifting with your own personal needs, is the core of your brand truly reflected in your messaging, and finally: would you want to work with your own company? 

If the answer is no, always remember you have the ability to change – because you are in charge.