Core Flight Program


Think bigger. Play to win. Change your life. Join hundreds of 7+-figure female CEOs in our signature business boot camp for ambitious women entrepreneurs.


Being in business and breaking through in business are two different things. LP2X is designed for female Founders with the drive and desire to grow and scale their companies to 7+ figures. We equip you with the skills to expand your confidence, impact, and success.

Calling upon the lessons of leadership and business from Fortune 1000, private companies, academia, the US military, and professional service firms, we train you to think, communicate, strategize, raise funds, lead, and network like never before — as a CEO.

Application Fee: $25

Program Fee: $400

Includes classroom training, participant-specific coaching, and a robust peer to peer network of female CEOs.

The Core Flight

Program Schedule

The Core Flight Program lifts off immediately with an action-packed welcome evening. The following day — the first full day of training — we launch right into the nuts and bolts of your operation, including finances, resources, and contract and term sheet negotiation.

Day Two is focused on high-velocity leadership development with modules on financial growth, advisory boards, communications, and executive training.

On the third and final day, you’ll put all you’ve learned into action, pitching and promoting your company. And then, we’ll celebrate your transformation from Founder to CEO, LP2X cohort member to alumnae. Your hard work is seen, appreciated, and applauded.

Day 1 // LP2X

Resourcing Your Company

  • Confidence
  • Finance
  • Funding methods
  • Negotiations

    Day 2 // LP2X

    Transitioning From Founder to CEO

    • Management
    • Boards & advisors
    • Communications
    • Play-to-win strategies

      Day 3 // LP2X

      Presenting Your Company

      • Individual company presentations
      • Feedback from advisors
      • Graduation & celebration

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who is eligible to participate in programs?
      In order to participate, the company must be majority [51%] owned and operated by a woman. Early revenue is required as an indication of traction; companies in beta testing or early access programs will be considered as well as companies that are positioned for growth and can quickly scale up. Single practitioners or lifestyle businesses may be eligible and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
      How do you select participants?
      We’re looking for high potential CEOs and entrepreneurs who are adaptive and coachable. Those accepted into the program must meet growth and development criteria.
      What should I expect if selected for the Core Flight Program?
      You will be working and learning as part of a group of like-minded women who want to scale their businesses, build their board of directors, or raise venture capital. Based on alumnae feedback, you can expect to experience profound change personally and professionally.
      What do I need to apply to the Core Flight Program?

      To apply, just complete the application and pay the $25 registration fee.

      Apply now! 

      What if I don’t have any prior business experience?

      If you are a Founder and CEO of your company and you are scaling, you are part of our tribe.

      Are there any specific industries or ideas that you are looking for?
      No, we are industry agnostic.
      Are there any geographical restrictions on where the company is headquartered?


      What does it mean to be part of the cohort?

      You are in a group of your peers, all working toward the shared goal of growing your business and making the transition from Founder to CEO.

      What is a flameholder vs. “pre-launcher”?
      Flameholders are graduates of the LP2X Core Flight Program who have opted to continue working with us. The Flameholder membership offers access to LP2X open office hours, advanced workshops, exclusive programming and more.

      Pre-launchers are female CEOs who are interested in growing their businesses and have participated in our programming.

      Additional Programs


      Taking your business to the next level means always learning, growing, and connecting. Our monthly workshops and pop-up events are tailored to our community needs and feature industry experts who are passionate about supporting women business leaders with strategic insight, information, and advice. You don’t need to be a member to attend. All are welcome.

      LP2X Membership

      Our Core Flight Program alumnae and “pre-launchers” are invited to join our community of thought leaders, industry experts, and CEOs. LP2X Membership includes access to our members-only events, advisory board network access, open office hours, and monthly workshops

      First Pitch Friday

      We host “First Pitch Friday” on the last Friday of the month from February through August. This unique program is open to all female founders interested in pitching their business, getting feedback from the investment community/mentors, and earning a spot in the LP2X Core Flight Program.

      Ready for Liftoff?

      If you’re ready to make the journey from Founder to CEO, we’re here to help you and your business soar to new heights.