By Nicole Toole

Nothing can prepare you for the realities of entrepreneurship. Conserve was built in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with the idea that we could allow people to know exactly how to recycle no matter where they might find themselves. I was just a Sophomore at Georgia State University, with little to no skills, but the belief that our team could make recycling easier and better for people. 

I had no idea what it meant to be a CEO, even though I won the title. Nor did I have any idea what running a company would look like.  In September 2021, Launchpad2X changed all of this for me and I joined Launchpad2X at just the right time. Conserve had been elevated into a partnership with Georgia State University to release our platform to their Piedmont North freshman dormitory, under a paid pilot.  Conserve’s first paying customer. 

I was a founder, but I wasn’t a CEO. I didn’t know what running a revenue-generating company looked like, and Launchpad2X gave me the right tools to be a CEO and lead my team and this company well.

Today, Conserve is launching to Georgia State University’s entire housing facilities of over 15,000 students and we’re just getting started. Through the relationships we’ve built with Recycling Partnership and Cascadia Consulting, we will be launching to additional universities in the Metro Atlanta area as well as on the West Coast in January 2023.

My work has been an accumulation of 4-years of hard work, and I am thrilled that the fruits of our labor are coming to fruition.