Fatigue is defined as “extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness; weakness in materials, especially metal, caused by repeated variations of stress.” In today’s world, we are experiencing fatigue in the form of constant video calls and excessive platform use. As the CEO of your company, it is your responsibility to show up, ready to lead and play to win. We are all human, though, and can easily experience burnout. When it comes to back-to-back video calls, the task can become so repetitive that we wanted to step in and help.

,,Mixtroz is an LP2X company that focuses on connecting people at live and now, VIRTUAL events. They recently launched a new feature, ,,Virtual Mixtroz, to assist with the increased demand for connecting people in real time during virtual events. “The Mixtroz platform takes large groups that are brought together (live or virtually) – a company department, an industry conference or any number of possibilities – and then uses a proprietary algorithm to break participants into smaller groups (of 3-10) based on a set of custom questions created by the organizer for meaningful conversations. It has been a popular way of organizing live events to allow for a balance of networking, brainstorming, breakouts, project team development and the like and now with the addition of the virtual feature, Mixtroz optimizes any meeting or gathering with 50 or more people in attendance.”

Although there are many video conferencing options available today such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Webex and Skype to inform one to many; we encourage our audience to give Mixtroz’ Saas platform a shot to complement any of these technologies by increasing engagement and connectivity for the attendee, while collecting custom, real time data for the organizer! Mixtroz is making their way to the top of the industry by ensuring that events, live or virtual, provide a 360 degree ROI for the attendee, organizer and when applicable, even sponsors. Mixtroz is available by download from the iOS or Googleplay app stores and can also be accessed via a web url.

We’ve put our heads together to help our fellow CEO’s find solutions for video conference fatigue to stay fresh and without burn-out during these transitional times.

Try one or all of these 6 quirky recommendations to revamp your video calls to avoid your attendees from experiencing fatigue during your next conference call:

Update your virtual backgrounds to reflect your mood!

  • If you’d rather be at the beach, try a nice seascape background and fill your conference room with beachy vibes. Or let’s say, you started the day feeling a little under the weather or like your head is in the clouds, try googling a sunny day cloud background and see if that lifts your mood! People also love dogs — showcase your pup on your virtual background and start a conversation about your furry friends before the meeting starts… a great way to build rapport with your team and potential clients.

Light candles around your workspace or an oil diffuser.

  • When you stimulate your other senses while you work, you can help avoid getting fatigued from the same mundane tasks and weekly check-ins. Add some new flavor to your workspace and enjoy a multitude of smells while those on-screen have no idea why you are so at ease and calm. Sandalwood is a personal favorite and you can try other soothing smells such as lavender or eucalyptus.

Wear your comfiest pair of slippers.

  • A small, happiness-inducing addition to your “shirt-only” new wardrobe is a nice comfy pair of slippers. No one needs to know that you are treating your toes to a nice furry day spa and it will surely cheer you up while you are focused on your appearance from the shoulders up.

Explore new hair do’s.

  • Presenting yourself as a leader of your company is very important but that does not mean you need to be boring. Try out new hairstyles and join the meeting with a fresh new look. Also, consider passing along a compliment to someone who seems to be trying out this method, you just might make their day.

Buy a new office chair.

  • Since there is no telling when we will all be able to commence in work offices and highrises again, our recommendation to you is to invest a little in your workspace to make it somewhere you want to hang out. If you have to be seated all day long on conference calls, let’s at least make our body as comfortable as possible and upgrade your workspace.

Schedule a virtual happy hour.

  • If you begin to grow annoyed with onscreen meetings, we recommend you switch up the norm and try to enjoy a video call with something you enjoy doing. Start a virtual book or wine club and change your mind’s perception of how enjoyable a video call can be.

Try out one or all of these ideas to keep your workdays new and different, even if your tasks remain the same. Take this opportunity to ,,learn more about Mixtroz and ,,schedule a demo. Happy video conferencing to you all, we are all in this together!