Have you heard the saying women are not just tiny men? Well this is very true on a physiological level. One big difference is women follow an infradian rhythm which is similar to a circadian rhythm but lasts longer than 24 hours. The perfect example of an infradian rhythm is a females menstrual cycle. Women have four distinct phases including menstruation, follicular, ovulation, and luteal phase. The hormone shifts that occur during each of these phases can impact our ability to manage stress, our energy levels, appetite, sleep quality, mental clarity and more. Learning how to lean into each of these phases can not only improve our quality of life but improve productivity and performance which is important for the female CEO.

Nutrition also plays a huge role on a females performance and productivity. The foods we eat influences our hormones, brain health, and inflammation. When our blood sugar spikes and drops all day, it will cause us to feel tired, anxious, irritable, and impact our focus. Unfortunately, we live in a world where women have dietedand under nourished themselves for decades. It is time to start fueling our bodies and balancing our hormones.

As female CEOs, our health and wellness could not be more important. That is why STAT Wellness has partnered with Launchpad to build out a 3-part series December through February. During Part 1, we will talk about the physiological effects of stress. What happens to the female body when we perceive something as stressful? How does this impact our health in the moment and overtime? We will finish this session with some practical ways to reduce the physical effects of stress. In Part 2, we will take a deeper dive into female hormones, focusing not he four phases and lifestyle changes you can make to optimize hormones. The series will end with Part 3, where we will cover why nutrition matters and help simplify healthy eating for the busy Female CEO. This is a series you do not want to miss.

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I look forward to seeing you soon!

Kristin Oja, DNP, FNP-C, IFMCP