Employee Happiness and Engagement in the New Normal

By Bernie Dixon Trend Series Blogs   We all inherently know that employee happiness is crucial for our business. We know that the business gauge has evolved from the old measuring system for employee satisfaction to the new data dashboard for employee happiness....

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The CEO Mindset for 2021

What to Watch and What it Can Mean for Your Company By Bernie Dixon   I am so ready to end 2020, the year of the pandemic. I am experiencing Zoom fatigue, coronavirus fatigue, and an undying desire for things to return to something resembling normalcy. We all...

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Why Women Veterans make great Entrepreneurs

The number of firms owned by women veterans grew nearly 300 percent in a five-year period—and Georgia ranks among the top states for women "vetrepreneurs".This month, America celebrates current and former military service members during Veterans Day. There are plenty...

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The M Word Angst

By Bernie Dixon There is still a lot of talk about it. Since going viral in 2018 and hitting Wikipedia about the same time, mansplaining, the so-called incompetence assuming, maybe patronizing, always condescending act of a man (hence the word mansplaining) going to...

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How to sleep when you’re an Entrepreneur

Why is it hard for me to get a good night’s sleep? It should not come as a shock as to why sleep eludes me; I am a busy entrepreneur with my mind going round the clock. However, the problem for me isn’t falling asleep but waking up during the night. In an effort to...

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How to Work an Entrepreneur’s Conference

Venture Atlanta is next week, October 16 & 17, 2018—and it offers entrepreneurs and investors a great forum to meet, establish relationships, and perhaps find some opportunities. You don't have to be on stage or in the showcase to walk away with great ROI for your...

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The Importance of Being Important to Your Clients

In a recent podcast, I heard Seth Godin (entrepreneur, speaker, and writer of 18 books) say something that intrigued me. Paraphrased: "The goal should not be to become big fast, but rather to become important soon." In an entrepreneurial world that talks endlessly...

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Mixtroz Combats Video Conference Fatigue in 2020

Fatigue is defined as “extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness; weakness in materials, especially metal, caused by repeated variations of stress.” In today’s world, we are experiencing fatigue in the form of constant video calls and...

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Awkward! You Just Said ‘I Love You’ to a Colleague

So…that actually happened to me last week. I was going over some menus with a chef we work with and I ended the call saying, “Well that all sounds great. Love you. 'Bye!” Cue the awkward pause where my brain caught up to my mouth. Usually I am fairly calm in strange...

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How to expand into a new market: Introducing a new product

I started La Belle Bump a few years ago to help women feel both confident and beautiful during pregnancy. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about market trends, consumer needs, and available products. I also started to understand the gaps in the maternity and...

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How to shape your startup’s culture

There’s a lot in the media about startup culture that makes it sound both miserable and enviable: the entrepreneurs who work hours so long, they have no other life, but, hey, there’s complimentary shuttle service to work, a company barista who creates art in your...

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Privacy 101: What Every CEO Needs to Know by Jodi Daniels

This piece was written for Launchpad2X by Jodi Daniels, CEO & Privacy Consultant of Red Clover Advisors and 2019 Core Program Graduate. Business owners manage a myriad of responsibilities – people, sales, marketing, customer service, and also protecting customer...

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