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The M Word Angst

By Bernie Dixon There is still a lot of talk about it. Since going viral in 2018 and hitting Wikipedia about the same time, mansplaining, the so-called incompetence assuming, maybe patronizing, always condescending act of a man (hence the word mansplaining) going to...

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Mixtroz Combats Video Conference Fatigue in 2020

Fatigue is defined as “extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness; weakness in materials, especially metal, caused by repeated variations of stress.” In today’s world, we are experiencing fatigue in the form of constant video calls and...

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Privacy 101: What Every CEO Needs to Know by Jodi Daniels

This piece was written for Launchpad2X by Jodi Daniels, CEO & Privacy Consultant of Red Clover Advisors and 2019 Core Program Graduate. Business owners manage a myriad of responsibilities – people, sales, marketing, customer service, and also protecting customer...

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LP2X CEO Survival Tips: Messaging During a Crisis

By Bernie Dixon Your company’s challenges are coming from every direction, from employees with families working from home to customers with less time, patience and capital. There’s pressure on every CEO to get their messaging right. Matter of fact, it is an...

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LP2X CEO Survival Tips: Making Tough Decisions

By Bernie Dixon Now that we are a couple of weeks into the crisis, tough decisions are on your plate. You are mobilizing your teams for remote work and now evaluating the longevity of your businesses. Maybe the impact of the current market forces is settling in. Your...

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The Investor Data Room Checklist

Prepare one now and increase your chances of landing a great investor By Bernie Dixon If you are raising capital in a seed or angel round, get ready to for a deep dive into all aspects of your company. Investors will want to know plenty of details before handing over...

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5 Things Investors Want to See

The Top 5 Things Investors Want to See Before Committing Capital to an Early Stage Company. By Bernie Dixon If you have been fortunate to score a meeting with investors or have a Zoom presentation end with investors asking for more information, probably you are...

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A New Way to Pitch to Investors During Corona Virus

,,Launchpad2X in partnership with Venture Atlanta held its first virtual investor pitch showcase last Thursday and it was a wildly successful and effective way for young companies in the LP2X community to present their value proposition and receive questions from...

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How LP2X Has Helped Make Me Better – An Exclusive Insight

By Holly Pezzano: Core Program Graduate, Advisory Board Member & Sponsor Introducing Holly Pezzano I am a true entrepreneur at heart. I learned from two self employed parents that the best way to control your own destiny was to stay in the drivers seat. I was 19...

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Scaling Your Business Vs. Growing Your Business

By Bernie Dixon Scaling and growth: two words that frequently are bantered about among early stage entrepreneurs. The enthusiasm surrounding the use of the words far outweighs the accurate use of the words. Many people assume that scaling a business is the same as...

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