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Women are natural leaders with as much acumen and ability to positively impact the world as their male counterparts. What we most often lack is confidence and business training. We provide a custom launchpad designed to accelerate success for female entrepreneurs.


To equip selected Founders with the skills, tools, and training to break through from Founder to CEO and ignite business growth through funding, learning, operational support, and research.

Frequently Asked
Questions About LP2X

What is Launchpad2X?

LP2X is a Founder-to-CEO accelerator bootcamp for women entrepreneurs. We provide selected female Founders with the tools to ignite their business growth through education, mentorship, and access to capital funds.

Do you provide funding to startups or entrepreneurs?

In 2022, we are launching our first funding round. This will provide $5K and $10K non-dilutive and non-payroll grants to Founders who meet criteria determined by our investment committee.

What is the Core Flight Program?

The Core Flight Program provides 40 hours of high-velocity training focused on developing the skills you need to transition from Founder to CEO. From accounting to legal to advisory boards, Launchpad2X delves into your needs as a leader. You are the focus.

How can I apply to the Core Flight Program?
What other programs and events do you offer?

We offer monthly workshops where you can interact, network, and converse with industry and subject matter experts who can help you and your business succeed. Workshops are open to anyone who would like to learn more about building their business, including aspiring entrepreneurs or even advanced CEOs seeking a forum for learning.

What do your programs cost?

The Core Flight Program is $400 for a robust 40 hours of programming, plus a $25 application fee. In addition, we require  a 12-month commitment to membership at a cost of $400. Membership allows participants to dive more deeply into monthly workshops and grow the cohort together.

Our workshops are free for members and $15 for non-members.

How do you work with your alumnae?

Through our membership program, we offer Core Flight Program alumnae (“Flameholders”) a variety of programs and opportunities to continue learning and growing with us, including access to LP2X open office hours, advanced workshops, exclusive programming, and more.

How can I sponsor an event or program?
We welcome sponsorship inquiries. If you would like to sponsor an event or program, please contact us at hello@launchpad2X.com
What is a mentor, and how are they selected?

Each Founder in the program is matched with a mentor to support and guide her. Mentors are volunteers who are selected based on their qualifications and expertise.

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Board of Trustees

Dedicated volunteers from both the public and private sectors comprise our board. They bring their expertise and authority in leadership development, business innovation, and fundraising to bear in crafting, supporting, and expanding LP2X’s offerings.

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