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Rocket fuel for female entrepreneurs is a mix of funding, learning, operational support, and research. We’re here to help you break through from Founder to CEO.

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Our Mission

To Help
You Liftoff

The first step was starting your business. Here’s how we help female entrepreneurs like you make giant leaps forward to achieve stellar growth and success.


Leadership and entrepreneurial training are the engines that power LP2X and you. From our Core Flight Program to monthly workshops, our expert-led education delivers the tools necessary for a successful landing as you evolve from Founder to CEO.


Finding the financial fuel necessary to blast off in business is a challenge we’re here to help you solve. We provide access to funds and other resources for fiscal impact to help selected Founders scale hurdles and achieve unstoppable growth.

Community Building

Increasing opportunities for women-led businesses is our priority. As our LP2X cohorts and alumnae achieve new heights, we’re exploring innovative ways to expand our model nationwide with like-minded partners dedicated to female business achievement.


Our unique position of working hands-on with our members provides emerging information and insights into female entrepreneurship. Knowledge is power, and it’s part of our mission to share this wealth with our community to help them bolster their strategies, plans and play to win.

Core Flight Program

Earn Your Wings in a Week
volve From Founder to CEO

You’ve already achieved some business success, but breaking through to 7+ figures takes a higher level of knowledge, commitment, and accountability. If you’re ready for your business to take off, apply now for our signature innovative boot camp for ambitious female entrepreneurs.


Continuous learning and networking are essential components of your ongoing success which is why our monthly workshops are not to be missed. We hand- select thought leaders and industry experts to provide women entrepreneurs with strategic insight, information, and advice.

Fueling Female Success

By The Numbers

LP2X graduate companies have a combined economic impact of more than $1,000,000,000.

Nearly one-quarter of LP2X graduate companies have exceeded $1,000,000 in revenue.

After three years, nearly 90% of LP2X graduate companies are still in business.

What Our CEOs
Are Saying

When I went through the LP2X Core Flight Program, I had an idea I believed in but was lacking in confidence. The LP2X Core Flight Program content gave me the shot of confidence I needed to start out strong. And the other female entrepreneurs in my cohort have been invaluable mentors and friends to me on this journey. I even met our first VC investor at an LP2X event!

Lauren Longo

CEO of Talli

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