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What We Do

We accelerate your launch from founder to CEO
with four important elements:

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At the core of the LP2X program is leadership and entrepreneurial training. Those accepted into our program are selected by our advisory board and measured against growth and development criteria.
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LP2X provides access to capital funds and provides resources selected founders an additional opportunity to financially sustain and ignite business growth.
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The future of LP2X is in our expansion into important strategic geographies across the U.S., with partners who will implement our model and provide a foundation to scale female owned businesses nationwide.
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LP2X prides itself on providing emerging information and insights into female entrepreneurship to our community. Research on the State of Women’s Entrepreneurship coming soon.


Core Flight Program

Evolve from founder to CEO with the Launchpad2X Core Flight Program.

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Master's Workshops

Sharpen your skills to play to win with our monthly Master’s Workshops.

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Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Join fellow alumna and female entrepreneurs for a day centered around women leaders.

Rocket Fuel By The Numbers


LP2X graduate companies have a combined economic impact of more than $1,000,000,000


Nearly one quarter of LP2X graduate companies have exceeded $1M in revenue


Nearly 90% of LP2X graduate companies are still in business after 3 years

CEO Testimonials

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Lauren Longo

CEO of Talli

When I went through the LP2X core program, I had an idea I believed in, but was lacking in confidence. The LP2X core program content gave me the shot of confidence I needed to start out strong. And the other female entrepreneurs in my cohort have been invaluable mentors and friends to me on this journey. I even met our first VC investor at an LP2X event!

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Renee Sandler

CEO of BLAMtastic, LLC

It was my good fortune to be a part of the inaugural Launchpad2X class of 2012. I entered with the spark of a good business but no true understanding of how to take the reins and effectively lead my company forward. I was afraid to speak up and stake a claim on what I had created. Bernie Dixon and Launchpad2X changed my perspective entirely of what it means to be a CEO. In addition to the critical and practical business content offered in Launchpad2X, Bernie reminded us that WE were the founders, innovators, and leaders of our businesses. It was our responsibility to step up and honor what we had created by leading well, demanding respect and optimizing every opportunity for our businesses. The bottom line is this. Ignore the negative white noise around you. YOU are the value in your business. Own that, take charge and drive your business forward with excellence as you know deep down you can. This program changed my life and my business. I took the skills learned from Bernie Dixon and Launchpad2X, drove growth in my company and was eventually acquired by private equity. If you want to learn how to successfully lead your company join Launchpad2X. Don’t wait.

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Sara Webb

CEO of Intandem Promotions

Being part of LP2X, provided me with the opportunity and discover, grow, and build a foundation that has been life-sustaining for my business. InTandem has grown 27% since I graduated from LP2X. I am so thankful to the network of LP2X CEOs that have continued to support me through this often challenging journey.

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